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Arrabal y Exilio” contents only own compositions. Eleven tango songs and ballades which tell fascinating stories about the experience in a foreign country, a peculiar circumstance in Miceli`s life, being himself a grandson of European emigrants and a immigrant in Europe. It is an innovative music, lively, intimate and with very personal lines. Music and poetry feature everyday issues and mix them together, taking you into the drunkenness of the urban night.

Fernando Miceli is well known as a excepcional performer of the new tango urbano in Europe and Latinamerica. He celebrates with the new CD and program ARRABAL Y EXILIO his 20 years with the Tango. "Berlin once again has an exemplary tango musician…" exults the TIP (Berlin Magazin)

Arrabal y Exilio

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It is an innovative music, lively, intimate and with very personal lines. Music and poetry feature everyday issues and mix them together, taking you into the drunkenness of the urban night. Nelly Omar, Argentina`s tango icon (1911-2013) called Fernando Miceli herself shortly before she died on 20th December 2013. She praised his new CD Arrabal Y Exilio: You have produced an excellent, unique work, you should know this, I congratulate you! This words of the hundred-year-old legend is in short the best assessment for the newest music of the Argentine singer and composer!

The Musicians

voice / compositions

Fernando Miceli

Fernando Miceli belongs to the Tango performers who's aim is the symbiosis between the traditional tango spirit and an up to date interpretation without leaving the classical tango structures. He was born in Quilmes, a city near from the capital Buenos Aires. At the age of 6 years took Miceli his first steps towards music being assisted by his mother, a music teacher and opera singer. He studied at the Conservatorio Nacional Manuel de Falla of Buenos Aires, singing, flute and choral direction, he was trained in singing by Carlo Bianchi, Hector de Rosas und Leo Schwarz. After finishing his music studies in 1986 absolved Fernando Miceli a two years drama study at the "Taller Teatral San Cristobal" of Buenos Aires followed by his first performances in theatre, musical and café concerts. In 1992 immigrated Miceli to Berlin. There he worked as singer and actor, performing with several groups of Latin-American music and Tango. In Dezember 2005 Fernando Miceli released his first CD Tango de Raíz, which he presented 2006 and 2007 on a successful tours through Europe, on which Miceli sung at very important venues like the Philharmonie of Berlin. Other projects initiated by him were the tango and cuban fusion CubaTango as well as the fusion band Suomiplatense, a project with argentinian, finnish and uruguayan musicians.
On March 2011 the Nacional Tango Academy of Buenos Aires named Miceli as Academic Representative of Berlin, Germany. Between 2012 and 2013 produced Miceli his second CD „ARRABAL Y EXILIO“, which includes own works, tangos, ballades, vals and milongas, arranged by Peter Reil.

bandoneon / arrangements

Peter Reil

Peter Reil was born 1964 in Bruchsal, Germany. He studied with very well known masters like Rodolfo Mederos, Juan Jose Mosalini and Nestor Marconi.
Betwenn 1996 and 1997 he worked as arrangeur and bandoneonist in Buenos Aires and achieved an entusiasthed backing by local musicians as he worked and arranged for the well known orchester El Arranque.
Peter Reil is today among the best bandoneonist, composer and arrangeurs in Europe. He arranged all the songs of the album Arrabal y Exilio. more infos

piano / keyboard

Pablo Portela

Pablo Portela was born 1977 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He began his music study by his mother, a professional pianist and his father, an oper singer. He specialised as jazz- and classic pianist with Ramiro Schiavonni, Jose Reinoso and Eduardo Tancredi. In Europe he finished a music study at the renommed L aula del conservatorio del Liceu, a dependence of the famous Bercklee College of Music, in Barcelona, Spain.
Portela worked with numerous groups of rock, tango, latin und jazz, and he worked as the pianist of the argentinean rock legend Moris Birabent.
He works today also as componist for film music and leads his own music project presenting own compositions and candombe music. more infos


Ulrike Dinter

Ulrike was born in Osnabruck, Germany. She made an classic music study in Germany and Austria und Österreich, getting her degree at the Musikhochschule Detmold.
Since 1994 works Ulrike Dinter with jazz and tango projects and played at concerts and recordings for very well known musicians like David Friesen, Ralf Illenberger und Tal Balshai. Together with the pianist Ludger Ferreiro she founded the duo Tango Danzarin, performing classic and contemporary tango music. Ulrike Dinter plays also at the berlin ensemble Muzet Royal. more infos

counterbass / e-bass

Tomás Rösler

Tomás Rösler was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied counterbass at the National Conservatory Astor Piazzolla of Buenos Aires. His most importants theachers were Carlos Vega and Carlos Madariaga. Tomas worked several years with well known artists of the argentineas tango, rock and jazz szene, among others with the famous pop singer Celeste Carballo and with the member of the legendary Trio Los Panchos Raul Perdiguero.
On the last years he played at the most important tango venues of Buenos Aires like Centro Cultural Torcuato Tasso and La Catedral. On august 2011 participated with the group Moradores at the Festival y Mundial de Tango von Buenos Aires.


Tango music fans got their money's worth

At a responsive audience Fernando Miceli gave his CD-release-conzert with his band on 21th september 2013 at the Ufa Fabrik of Berlin. A very emotional program!

Picture above:
Fernando Miceli and Feline Lang singing a duett
Photos: Fred Bush

Sold Out concert in Berlin!

At a big and a very enthusiastic audience Fernando Miceli gave the newest CD-release-concert with his band at the Werkstatt der Kulturen of Berlin!

Picture above:
Fernando Miceli with Ulrike Dinter (violin)
Photos: Gilles Soubeyrand